Welcome to Debate Pyramid

The idea for this project stems from an article written by Paul Graham in 2008 called How to Disagree . A few years later, I saw that someone made that into an image:

I thought, wouldn't it be great to rate comments online, as to their level of debate? A few things could occour;

WARNING: This is an alpha release. It barely works, but we want your feedback. If you install this plugin, let me know what your experience is by emailing kris@ideawave.ca or contacting @cqwww on Twitter

Chrome plugin or Firefox plugin

What this tool does is allow you to judge every tweet or Facebook comment, in where it stands in the debate pyramid heirarchy. Over time, this will give each person making a comment a score as to their level of debate competence. Down the road, you will be able to block users or comments that score below a certain number, for example you could block name calling and ad hominem attacks.

Note the two websites these plugins will work on once installed is Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for helping me work to improve discourse online!

Thanks for reading. For more about me, Kris Constable, check out my blog .